Operation Discriminate!

Free speech and freedom of expression go both ways. But that’s not the point.

I am uncomfortable with the prevailing attitude that we must suppress any speech or expression that might make someone uncomfortable.

Rather then feel protected by these measures, I worry that important choices have been taken away from me.

Consider a shopkeeper that doesn’t like Gay Americans. Ok, fine, I don’t really care, but I don’t want to patronize that shop, and that’s also my freedom.

Today though, that shopkeeper can’t express that attitude leaving me with little, or likely no, evidence that my business will support those who harbor such attitudes.

I’d much rather see a sign in the window that says “Gays Are Gross” then engage, in any way, with such a person.

Knowledge enables choice and free people are the ultimate enforcer.

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We’re all One-Percenters, Why are they obsessed with Money?

Last month, I look out through Sands Cut. We were enjoying a brilliant day on the boat and it was one of those time I didn’t need to think about anything else.

But I also took notice of the other revelers, in boats and groups of all sizes, swimming, grilling, conversing under their multi-colored canopies.

There were no true yachts, or crew, just fishing boats, small cruisers, a couple of go-fasts and maybe a sailboat. All comfortable anchored on the sand bank.

As many as there were, there weren’t that many. In all the South Florida, only the few dozen of us aquamates would experience this place and this day.
Far fewer than 1%.

It then dawned on me that these intimate experiences are shared by far more than the alleged privileged classes, and when we think about what’s important to us, what defines our life, these 1% moments happen all the time.

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Launch Windows 8 Start Menu from Taskbar

Create a vbs file, StartStart.vbs for example:

set shell=createobject(“wscript.shell”)

shell.sendkeys “^{Esc}”

Pin a Shortcut to the task bar with the command:

C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe “C:\StartStart.vbs”

Change the icon to something you prefer.


The Powershell equivalent is less desirable since the Powershell prompt flashes momentarily.  The -WindowStyle Hidden option has no effect.

There’s no SendKeys to simulate the Win key so other combinations are not possible (suggestions?).

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Full Speed to Brooklyn

Did a bicycle ‘tour’ of Brooklyn this afternoon.  23 miles.

Also did 1.7 trips around the Central Park.

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Work Life Life Work

Some people work to live because their hobbies or personal activities are what fulfills them.  Fishing, model airplanes, volunteering, whatever it is.

But many, and many more so it the epoch of liberty, find personal fulfillment in their chosen work itself.  Not just artists, but people in all professions and fields benefit from an expanding economy, specialization and automation.

For example, while many enjoy farming, few, if any really, probably enjoy actually picking corn all day, every day.  Let the machine do all the work and let passionate farmer free grow organic, free-range corn.  Heck, I’d bet there’s a few guys who really like driving a combine too.  Everybody wins.

But for everyone to win, there must be wealth to support it.  Organic, free-range corn is expensive so without the top 5% to reward the farmer’s contribution to society (by paying for it), even the most dedicated farmer is left to pick corn, all day, every day.  Bummer.

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Political Wigglytuff Room

In this troubled election year, President Obama is evolving faster than your average Pokemon.

It’s funny though how he’s all of a sudden a Federalist, especially since this issue is losing ground at the State level.

I don’t think it’s cowardice, it’s just shrewd.  I do not believe Barack H. Obama accepts the fundamental notion of gay marriage but they’ve determined that keeping the Gay Left in the fold, and the money flowing, is more important right now than the broader appeal of Traditional Marriage.

In this instance, the Constitution offers a convenient foil to any demands for actual action.

Quick Reminder:  No one is actually prevented from getting married.  The marriage license is merely a contract pre-written by the Legislature.

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Sisters Can’t Do It for Themselves

In “The Life of Julia” we have the Obama Campaign laying out their vision of helpless women, incapable learning, working or raising children without the help and direction of a man like Barack Obama and his army of bureaucrats.

Julia’s narrative seems to fall in diametric opposition to that forceful declaration if independence we all danced to nearly 30 years ago.

As for the fact that “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves,” I wonder if our Liberal friends will appreciate the fact that Aretha and Annie recorded their modern feminist anthem during the era of…wait for it…Reagan and Thatcher.


Short version:

I wonder if any of our Liberal friends remember that “Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves,” a far more accurate depiction of American women than Julia, was released in 1985, during the era of Reagan & Thatcher.

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