Fun with FPIRG

So, I had a run in with a FPIRG promoter today.  A very polite exchange it was.  I always like playing Cat ‘n Mouse with these guys.
This time, they were pushing to continue the ban on off shore energy exploration in Florida.  So I asked how they would offset the continuted rise in energy prices due to artificial constraint of the supply, pointing out that many economically constrained people have trouble paying the bills now.
The entirely predictable answer was "alternative energy like solar and wind."  Again pointing out how costly these alternatives are now, I was simply referred to an 800 number and offered a borchure.  I find it amusing that a Bush backing proud Republican knows more about the practical applications of renewable energy than your average green pusher.
Suggestion to FPIRG: 
-Instead of trying to block everything, try an affirmative approach.  Put your people on the street promoting actual, working and available alterntive energy solutions.
-Can the rhetoic about polluting the environment, saving the whales or whatever.  Focus on something people really care about, like how much money they will save in the long run.
-Promote solutions to the (take a seat now) affluent members of society.  Get them (ok, fine…us)  to foot the bill now for the high cost of home solar and such.  In time, the (please stay seated) capitalist system will, as it always will, drive down the price to a point where nearly everyone can afford it.
Go ahead, let Big Oil invest billions in off shore energy.  If you play it right, you’ll cut off their demand, maybe putting them out of business.  Wouldn’t that be great?
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2 Responses to Fun with FPIRG

  1. Harlee says:

    So enjoyed your blog today, very amusing.

  2. Ben says:

    Are you blogging now, John?  Perhaps I should start as well.

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