Humans have been around for millions of years?

So, I keep seeing these adverts for the Ice Age movie sequel, The Meltdown. 
One thing puzzles me though.  I didn’t realize that humans were around back then.
For the ice to melt, the average ambient temperature would have to start rising.  Hmmm…sounds like Global Warming.  According to our charming environmentalist friends, humans cause Global Warming.  Or more precisely, my giant SUV causes Global Warming.
I’m assuming it’s just a mistake in all the anthropology books that suggest homosapien developed over the last 100K years or so.  Or perhaps it’s a wall orchestrated conspiracy designed to hide our species previous total destruction of the planet.
That must be it.  I really can’t imagine what else it could be.  There no way that Mother Nature could affect the climate of the planet.  And the Sun, that’s just too far away to do anything.  And the evidence of the Moon’s affect on our planet is obviously a fabrication.
Actually, it’s really comforting to know that we are truly all powerful beings capable of molding and shaping the entire environment in which we live from the most fragile sand castle to the entire atmosphere.  What would you expect from a species that has inhabited the earth for millions of years?
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