¡Adios Airbus!

Watching the protests in the DWGT, or France to most people, with more that a smirk on face, I couldn’t help but think that we my finally get rid of that annoying Airbus operation.

As the French economy continues a slow and plodding collapse that only a true bureaucrat could appreciate, 2-5% of the population turns out to protest a law that would allow some smarmy, snot-nosed, self indulgent whining twenty-something to get fired for no (or probably all too) apparent reason.

Seriously, would you trust your business’ future and the livelihood of your employees and customers to any product produce there?  Especially one a volatile and fragile at the airlines.

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% behind the protesters.  If the law stays in place, it might allow some clever entrepreneur (funny how that’s a French word) to become successful and prosperous which could make him a competitor to an American company.  We really don’t want to deal with that.

I say, students and workers of France unite!  Hit the streets!  Tell your government you want even more protections.  Make it so no business will ever hire anyone.  22% unemployment unemployment???  Come on you can do better.  I’ll bet a dollar you can hit 28% by next year.  Yeah, baby, go for it!

Now, what does this have to do with Airbus?  In practical terms, France has been nothing more than a sideshow on the world stage, think Jerry Lewis.  Then Airbus came along, and because of the British involvement, did pretty well for a year or two.  Then the opiate of socialism caused them to make some real boneheaded decisions, like the A380.  This is truly the embodiment of government largess, big, expensive and inconvenient.

If the protesters win, as the sheer size suggests, job protection will hit new heights in France.  That means Airbus will be utterly unable to either manage, through cutbacks, or innovate, by aggressively hiring potential talent, out of the A380 mess.  If the protesters loose, their willingness to sabotage their own economy should cause anyone considering a nearly $200,000,000 purchase to think twice.

So, maybe it is time to lift the travel ban to the DWGT and pop over (on a 767 of course) and join the fight for workers rights.

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