They’re not the Borg, silly!

As a frequent traveler, I appreciate that enormous scale of operations that it takes to run an airline of any size.  Yet even with numerous irops under my belt, I hardly hold a grudge or any bad feelings about the airlines, especially their front line employees.

It just frosts me to hear whiney princesses or pompous blowhards complain about the service, schedule, their seat or, the weather.  Yeah, like the gate agent forgot to click the "Clear Weather" check box that morning.  But fine, people are allowed to express themselves however then choose, even if just to prove they don’t know what they’re talking about.

But there is one attitude that I find more hysterical than anything else and it’s not limited to the airlines.  Why would anyone think some random employee know everything about anything that’s going on anywhere?  The flight attendant has not idea where your luggage is, the gate agent wouldn’t know if your special meal made it on board, the counter crew can’t predict the weather 2,000 miles and three hours from now.

Yet I routinely hear folks carrying on about how "the stewardess wouldn’t tell me if I could make my connection" as if she’s really connected to the giant collective conscious that spans the universe of company employees giving then instant awareness of everything the rest of the collective is doing.  These people wouldn’t be happy with anything other than "Yes ma’am, Julio place you bag on the top of the pile right under row 32, about 8 minutes ago.  Have a wonderful flight!"

Like I said, this isn’t limited to the airlines.  I have no expectation that the kid at the concession stand knows what time the 8:15PM showing of Maniac Hellraisers Beyond Saturn lets out.  No one should.  I always make a point of figuring out what I might need to know and how to find it out in fastest, least disruptive way possible, before I need to know it!

I am my own Borg Collective.

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