A Glittering Jewel…

I just had to put something down about this.  I just read an opinion column linked at the LA Times (http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-iyer19jun19,0,674902.story).

Is this guy really that naive or just plain dumb?  Well, he did try his hand at journalism so I guess you can’t expect any actual research or facts.

Rather than drone on about silly concepts like personal choice, freedom or achievement, I’ll swing his pendulum the other way.

The injustice is not that only some people pay $9,000 per seat, it’s that some get away with paying only $500.  Imagine how much healthcare, retirement, workers comp and other benefits the airlines could give their employees if everyone flew business class.

I hope Mr. Iyer realizes that next time he skimps on his travel with an LCC, he’s directly supporting low wage, dead-end jobs with limited healthcare and no retirement benefits.  Shameful!

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