I’m Tired of Fake TV

I love my town.  I was born, raised, and still live there.  And on every one my 250 or so approaches to MIA, I monopolize my window and realize, it’s good to be home.

This is why I don’t watch C.S.I.: Miami anymore.  There’s no beach in the Grove, you don’t drive east to get to the Everglades, we don’t have wild bears for Pete’s sake and gosh darn it, we certainly don’t have mountains.  Mountains!

In it’s stead, I can tentatively recommend the new USA series Burn Notice which actually appears to be filmed in and around Miami, not Marina Del Ray.  Did they really think we wouldn’t notice?  Admittedly, I’ve only seen two episodes but it’s well made, has enough eye candy for the boys & the girls and features the totally cool Bruce Campbell.

So, check it out when it comes back in 01/08 or get the DVD’s (standard def only).

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