Please be mad at the right people.

We don’t like the IRS.  We don’t like the building inspector.  We don’t like the meter enforcer.  We don’t…[insert agency here].

But far too often, I have seen otherwise reasonable citizens take out their understandable frustration at government on the people who deserve it the least, the public servant.  Those hard working people who, just like most of us, are simple doing their job.

The critical thing we must all understand is that it’s not their fault.  They have don’t nothing to you and, contrary to popular belief, are not ‘out to get you.’  To the contrary, blame everything on the politicians.  I mean everything.

Taxes too high?  Politicians.  Speed limit too low?  Politicians.  Endless paperwork?  Politicians.  Failing schools?  Politicians.  Open borders?  Politicians.

Of course, those sneaky buggers will always point the critical finger at the very agencies they created to enforce the rules they dreamed up, but yelling at the poor clerk in the Property Appraisers office isn’t going to change anything.  (Yes, witnessing such inspired this entry, and no, I wasn’t doing the yelling.)

If you don’t like the laws or regulations, get angry at the politician who created it.  Then, think of your fellow citizen who is probably angry at another politician about something else.  Then consider, if there weren’t so many laws, so many agencies, so many taxes, wouldn’t we all be a lot less angry?

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One Response to Please be mad at the right people.

  1. Ben says:

    Hear hear!  I can\’t agree more.
    Let\’s follow the Chinese model… During the cultural revolution, they shot all the lawyers and politicians to "clean house."  I say go for it.

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