Election Stimulus

As usual, the unescapable CNN Airport Network is up to is usual kookieness.

In a page takes right from the pre-school playbook, some dems are now calling for a Florida and Michigan Redo.  So naturally, the question of how, when, and who pays comes up.  Fine, whatever they want to do, doesn’t matter so much to me.

What caught my eye this evening though was our governor Charlie Christ being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer.  What inspired this post was the argument Wolf was using to get Governor Christ to agree to a redo.  Basically, Florida should pay for the redo because it would be good economically for the state.

Wow, CNN’s really on to something here.  Let’s only have elections when the government can benefit from the campaign spending.  Sheer genius!  No point in worrying about intangible and unmeasurable concepts like disenfranchisement or ‘the will of the people’, we’ll just look at the tax rolls.

Fortunately, Governor Christ couldn’t be baited into such a loopy argument.  The DNC decided not to seat the delegates from the first primary.  If they want them now, they have to pay for it.  Self disenfranchisement is not a tax payer responsibility.

Really, the turbulence never bothers me in a Boeing aircraft.

Suggested headline for the NYT: "Candidate Sees Dollars for Ballets"

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