The Marble Ceiling

We have a race with 3 United States Senators so all the candidates can do is quibble about what legislation each other voted for and and what was included and was it a procedural vote or one to pass or was it in committee or on the floor. 

Did they vote for it before they were against it or vote against it after they were for it or did they even vote at all.  Maybe they voted with their party or did they vote against it or was is with that other guy or in the caucus or did they even know what they were voting on. 

The constant legislative parsing feels like it took up half the debate time and is a complete distraction for any kind of fundamentals.

Here’s a bold idea.  The party that writes it’s rules to prohibit sitting or former Senators from being nominated for President will rule forever.

I can’t imaging anyone liking incessant chatter about "inside Senate baseball."  It is confusing insider talk that makes politics a real turn off.

I want to know about you, who you are, what you believe and what your life experience is.  That will give me a better idea of who you are, not your positions on SB{A1210ACE-4741-4786-B1C3-DB947543550D}.

Vice President, ok.


NYT Suggested Headline: Candidate Seeks to Impose the Glass Ceiling

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