DMA Wrong? Impossible, it was passed by Congress.

It is not at all surprising that the Obama Administration filed a brief defending the Defense of Marriage Act.  Yes, yes, he advocated a ‘full repeal’ of DMA during the campaign.  And he may have meant it, but…

There is one overriding issue at work.  They just can’t stand to admit that Congress, or any unit of government is, was or could possible be wrong.

Such is the expected behavior for the true progressive but what I find most threatening is that the financial aspect weighed so heavily in their opinion.  The Obama Administration is clearly demonstrating that they expect to regulating, prohibit or otherwise control behavior in order to derive financial benefit for the government, like with health care?

I won’t comment on the humorousness of statements like ‘scarce government resources’ (What, did one of the printing presses at the mint break down?  Ok, ok, sorry…)

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