A billion dollar lecture by a cabal of ignorant solipsistic elites.  An insult to morality and character of every servicemember, entrepreneur and consumer*.

And not particularly original either.
Grace was assimilated.  Did she become Queen?
Jake was Resurrected.
No green on earth?  Were they shipped to Pandora on AA Space Cargo?
Does Flick still do a show under Hometree 9 times a day?
Yeah, I had the floating mountain poster too.

*This might require a bit of explanation.  Despite the left’s constant bashing of the consumer culture, those heartless consumers (or rather free people engaging in the peaceable exchange of goods and services) have shown a remarkable ability to exert their own morality and govern the business community better than any regulatory authority.  Check out Kathy Lee, DeBeers or Whole Foods earnings statements.

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