Stupid Zune

I would totally love my Windows Phone 7.5 if it weren’t for Zune.  Specifically Podcasts.

It’s another example, like Windows Media Connect, of how relying on metadata makes the feature frustrating, time-consuming and broken.

I frequently get Podcast parts that are mis-tagged rendering them invisible to Zune, this is despite putting them in the very explicitly named Podcasts library.  Why do I have to tell Zune twice that this is a Podcast by putting it in the Podcast folder them making sure it’s tagged as a Podcast?

This strange design decision now forces me into a rather tedious ritual of checking all the tags, then comparing what Zune sees to what’s in the Podcast folder, then laboriously correcting the tags just to satisfy Zune.

This would be slightly tolerable for a music library but Podcasts, for me at least, are pretty much throw-aways so all, all the editing time is just wasted.

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