Work Life Life Work

Some people work to live because their hobbies or personal activities are what fulfills them.  Fishing, model airplanes, volunteering, whatever it is.

But many, and many more so it the epoch of liberty, find personal fulfillment in their chosen work itself.  Not just artists, but people in all professions and fields benefit from an expanding economy, specialization and automation.

For example, while many enjoy farming, few, if any really, probably enjoy actually picking corn all day, every day.  Let the machine do all the work and let passionate farmer free grow organic, free-range corn.  Heck, I’d bet there’s a few guys who really like driving a combine too.  Everybody wins.

But for everyone to win, there must be wealth to support it.  Organic, free-range corn is expensive so without the top 5% to reward the farmer’s contribution to society (by paying for it), even the most dedicated farmer is left to pick corn, all day, every day.  Bummer.

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