We’re all One-Percenters, Why are they obsessed with Money?

Last month, I look out through Sands Cut. We were enjoying a brilliant day on the boat and it was one of those time I didn’t need to think about anything else.

But I also took notice of the other revelers, in boats and groups of all sizes, swimming, grilling, conversing under their multi-colored canopies.

There were no true yachts, or crew, just fishing boats, small cruisers, a couple of go-fasts and maybe a sailboat. All comfortable anchored on the sand bank.

As many as there were, there weren’t that many. In all the South Florida, only the few dozen of us aquamates would experience this place and this day.
Far fewer than 1%.

It then dawned on me that these intimate experiences are shared by far more than the alleged privileged classes, and when we think about what’s important to us, what defines our life, these 1% moments happen all the time.

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